It's C64 month!

by Paul Morrison

It's August which, according to Twitter, is #c64month.  If that leaves you scratching your head, then just consider this: the Commodore 64 was released in August 1982.

It would go on to impact the lives of umpteen million people across the globe, being (allegedly) the biggest selling home computer of all time.  It certainly impacted mine... it's probably responsible for my school grades going down the pan.  Thanks, Commodore!

Still, no point having any regrets and I don't.  My school qualifications are but letters on a piece of green paper, whereas the Commodore 64 is ingrained on my soul.  It's provided me with way more enjoyment than maths or physics ever did, so I'm happy enough.

It's also inspired me to write, and I have two books on the go which are heavily inspired by the machine.  In fact, one of them is called Why I'm 64, and it features my write-ups on 64 Commodore 64 games which are iconic, legendary or simply have some meaning to me.  There are also a couple of bonus sections, so you'll have plenty to read when it's finished... which will be soon.  I'm just adding the finishing touches then, once I have a foreword (for I would like to have one) and run it past my graphic designer, we'll be looking at ways of getting it into your hands or onto your screens.

Exciting stuff, and I'll be pushing on with that, as well as my main project, They Were Our Gods.  As it's C64 month, though, I intend to make a few posts this coming month in celebration.  Keep an eye out for them...

Why I'm 64

by Paul Morrison

You're probably wondering what this new section is all about, on the first day of 2017.  Let me explain.

First of all - don't worry.  They Were Our Gods is still progressing quite nicely.  It will still be finished, it will still be released, it is still my main priority.  But let me explain Why I'm 64.

I'm not sure if you're like me... well, that depends on whether you write or not.  If you do, you might be stricken with writer's block at times.  I'm no exception, but I found a way to combat that, and that way was to write about individual Commodore 64 games.  Then I thought, why not compile these into a book along the lines of the excellent Speccy Nation?  So that's what I'm doing, or intending to do.

It's been a great way of being able to continue writing when I was a bit stuck.  It's had no effect on They Were Our Gods at all... in fact, it's actually helped as it's galvanised me and put me back in the mood to write on my main project.  Win/win!

The book will have write-ups on 64 Commodore 64 games, mostly the system's undisputed classics but there will be the odd obscure game that was special to me.  There will be a couple of bonus sections too... in all, this book will weigh in at around 150 pages.  It'll be nothing like as in-depth as They Were Our Gods, taking a different tack altogether, but for Commodore 64 fans I'm hoping it will be a fun look back at this classic computer and why we fell in love with it.