Announcement: Book release - Remember These?

by Paul Morrison

I am extremely proud to announce today the release of my first book, “Remember These?”. Although work on my other books, “They Were Our Gods” and “Why I’m 64” remains ongoing, I’d reached a point where I just needed to get something out to the general public. With that in mind I have created “Remember These?”, a semi-comprehensive nostalgia blast guaranteed to get those retro memories flowing!

Download it right now, here:

The book is a free download, but AFTER YOU’VE READ IT if you find you’ve enjoyed it and would like to make a donation to help fund the design work on “They Were Our Gods” and “Why I’m 64”, thereby bringing their completion closer, that would be hugely appreciated.

You can do so here:

I really hope you enjoy this book! Please let me know what you think!

Paul Morrison