Announcements and updates

by Paul Morrison

Who wants to know some stuff?  What, all of you?  Oh, OK then, seeing as you asked nicely.

I'm busy.  Very busy, in fact, with my writing being spread across a number of projects right now.  As a result of this, my solo projects, if you will, are being put to the side for now.  Well, Why I'm 64 is almost finished so that will get done soon.  They Were Our Gods has a lot left to do, though, and I have to give priority to two other projects in the meantime.  They are:

Project Hubbard.  I've mentioned this before, but I'm co-authoring the Official Rob Hubbard Reference Book.  This is an enormously prestigious project to be working on, and I'm very privileged to be doing so.  It's also part of a Kickstarter project, which means that backers are waiting for it and there is a hard and fast deadline.  So you can appreciate my need to concentrate my efforts there.

ZZAP! 64.  This might be news to you, but Chris Wilkins, the brains behind a number of retro books including last Christmas' Crash annual, is planning a ZZAP! 64 annual.  The Kickstarter for this campaign goes live on April 27th, and I'm thrilled to announce that I'm one of the reviewers.  This is a short-term project for me, but given that I applied for a Staff Writer's job on ZZAP! 64 back when I was a teenager, you can imagine my excitement at being a part of this.  Keep an eye out for it!

They Were Our Gods.  I feel that you're all a bit more in the dark about this than you would like to be.  I'm sorry about that, but I felt a need to protect my exclusives so that others wouldn't jump all over them before I got this book finished.  Now, though, many of the people I've interviewed for my book have been interviewed elsewhere so I see no harm in sharing with you the complete list of interviewees for They Were Our Gods.  It is subject to change, but as of now, please scroll down to see my announcement.  I hope it's an exciting list for you!