2017, and the future

by Paul Morrison

Hi all,

Well, it's been very quiet on here this year, hasn't it?  Sorry about that.  I'm not really making the best use of my 140 quid a year on the domain, am I?

I have been making reasonable use of my spare time, though.  OK, I acknowledge that I have not, to date, released any books.  But here's what I have been doing in 2017:

They Were Our Gods - some good progress was made.  The writing was completed on several of the interviews I have, and every single one of them was progressed towards completion.

Why I'm 64 - this book started as a spin-off from They Were Our Gods; a way to keep my writing juices flowing when I had writer's block on my main project.  However, work went quickly, to the point where I completed the first draft of a 220-page book!  Feedback on it has been very positive and I'm now going through it to complete my second draft, which will hopefully be the final draft.  Commodore 64 fans should look out for it, I think you'll enjoy it!

Project Hubbard - I'm not sure how many of you know about this, but in 2017 there was a successful Kickstarter campaign which sees me working on Project Hubbard.  More specifically, I am co-authoring the Official Reference Book of Rob Hubbard!  His is a name that needs no explanation to Commodore 64 owners, and probably the owners of a number of other computers and games consoles.  For years, he was THE name in games music, and it's a real honour and privilege for me to be asked to take on this role.  I'm knee-deep in research for the book right now, but as you can imagine, it's very enjoyable research!  I'll provide updates as often as I can, both here and on my Twitter account (probably more often on Twitter).

Reset 64 - A small plug, if you'll allow, for the splendid Commodore 64 magazine, Reset 64.  I retain writing duties for the mag, which has undergone a huge design overhaul this year and now stands proudly alongside the classic mags of the past.  Check out the latest issue, which features a seven=-page interview I conducted with the legendary author of a legendary game... Dennis Caswell, the programmer of Impossible Mission!  The interview is in the style of They Were Our Gods, so if you like what you see there then I promise you, you'll love the book!

That'll do for now.  There's lots to look forward to from me in the next couple of years, so do keep in touch with me one way or another.  I'm always happy to have a chat on Twitter or anywhere else if you feel like it, including via email if you complete the contact form here, but just the support of fellow computer game fans is more than enough.  See you out there!

Happy New Year!