Budget Day 2016 - Alcatrazz Harry (ZX Spectrum)

by Paul Morrison

Someone told me I should go out on a low and suggested this game.  Well, I won't be going out on a low because this is not the last game I'm playing and that game is definitely not a low.  This one is, though.

Harry is banged up in Alcatrazz, but not for long!  He plans on getting out and, not only that, he's taking some secret files with him!  Trouble is, he needs 30 items from around the confines of the camp in order to escape and the secret files are hidden.  Looks like Harry's got some searching to do before he can get away!

Harry meets an untimely end!

Harry meets an untimely end!

Unfortunately for Harry, there are guards everywhere and, if he gets caught, he'll find himself up against the wall in front of the firing squad.  That's no good, so you'd better be good at sneaking around.

It's a good idea, and one that was executed (see what I did there?) much better years later in Ocean's The Great Escape.  Sadly, this game is far too slow and ugly to be worth a go.  It's not the worst game I've ever played, not by a long shot.  But I won't be loading it again.