State of play: February 28th, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 38

Total number of words added this weekend: 3,177

I've done a lot of writing this weekend. finishing one piece and adding a lot to one that was already underway.  That's some good progress, right there!

I was going to do an update yesterday, but then the news broke about Fergus McGovern and I felt compelled to write my piece on him and Probe Software.  Somewhat surprisingly, that piece has had 1,500 views.  I'm not sure where they've all come from, but its testament to Fergus' reach and impact on the games industry.

I'm supposed to be drawing a line as far as interviews go, but I'm happy to say I made contact with someone yesterday who agreed to answer my questions, so I'm working on them right now and they will be another fantastic addition.  Just got to finish up those questions and get them sent off...