State of play: February 23rd, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 38

Total number of words added today: 362

Do you see what I see...?

Yes indeedy, the total number of confirmed contributors has risen again.  Can you imagine how stuffed to the gills this book is going to be?  You're not going to know where to look first, such will be the array of Gods and luminaries jammed into its pages.  I can hardly believe it myself!

I did manage to rattle off a few paragraphs today, which is always a good thing.  Of course, today's contribution means I've given myself lots more work but I promise you it's well worth it, as are they all.  I've always said that I find it very exciting to receive a contribution and read through it and that's been the case with every one of these interviews.  That's me getting them one at a time... how excited will you be to get forty at once?