State of play: January 8th, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 34

Total number of words added today: 161

Well I didn't get the early finish or hours of writing time that I was hoping for today.  I've also felt particularly tired for some reason, so I only worked on this for a little bit.  Still, a little is better that not at all, I'm sure you'll agree.  I'm still 161 words closer to finishing than I was yesterday.

Tomorrow has potential, although I have some work to do for Reset magazine and I definitely plan to do as much of that as possible.  If you're a Commodore 64 fan and don't know about that mag yet, you really ought to check it out.  It has loads of great features in every issue, featuring old games and stuff from the current (very active) scene.

I'm also going to be finishing up the interview I'm writing for a Speccy God, so it's definitely going to be a busy but fun day.  I'll keep you posted...