State of play: January 3rd, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 34

Total number of words added today: ZERO.

It might look like I haven't done any work on the book today, but don't be fooled by that word count.  I actually completed and sent a list of questions to another potential contributor.  I always call them "potential" contributors until the interview is returned and in the bag, because you never know what can happen once you've sent it out.  In all honesty, I've probably destroyed the enthusiasm of some with my horrible-looking Word document full of questions.

I've said it before: writing interview questions for someone's entire 8-bit career is actually tricky and time-consuming.  On the one hand, it's the sort of thing we've all wanted to do for thirty years.  On the other hand... you pick a favourite programmer, list all their 8-bit games and then write questions to ask about them.  See how you get on.  It doesn't always flow as you'd expect!

Anyway, it's another interview sent so I'm happy with my progress.  Tomorrow is probably my last day off work for the holidays, so we'll see how much I can manage to write in tomorrow's update!