State of Play: January 2nd, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 34

Total number of words added today: 895

The obvious way to write this book is to take one interview and work through it from start to finish.  But it doesn't always work like that.  It's odd, but sometimes you want a break from one person so you move on to write a bit of someone else's piece.

I'm not sure why that is... trust me, there's nothing boring about any of this, as far as I'm concerned.  I think that maybe it's a case of shifting focus to get rid of writer's block.  Certainly, coming back to a piece after a break usually sees me tackle it with a new freshness.  It doesn't really help me to move this along at the pace I'd like, though.

That said, the person I'm writing about now is a terrific They Were Our Gods exclusive.  I'm going to try and focus exclusively on this one until it's finished.