State of play: January 1st, 2016

by Paul Morrison

Total number of confirmed contributors: 34 (by confirmed, I mean the interviews are returned)

Total number of words added today: 214

OK, so that doesn't sound like much progress was made.  Maybe you're right.  But it is progress, which isn't bad going for New Year's Day.  After all, I spent half of the day at my parents' house, and much of the rest of it working on other hobby-related stuff.  Oh, and there's also the temptation of my new PS4.  So to actually get any writing done is really a bit of a bonus.

Anyway, just a brief explanation... every day I will post an update a bit like this.  Sometimes, there might be very little to say.  But I'll always have those two figures at the top... the number of contributors is still subject to change, so keep an eye on it.  It represents all the completed interviews I have in the bag... there could be another six or so when all is said and done.

Actually, if all the interviews I have out there were returned, I could end up with sixty contributors, and that would be too many, so I'm almost praying that they don't!  Or at least, if they do, that they make it too late for this one and I have to start on a Volume Two...

I think that the daily updates might be in something like a diary format, but it will depend upon whether I've got much interesting to say or not.  Stick around though, and count down the days to release with me... I might add that to the top of the page, too, when I finally know an actual date!