Will three be a crowd?

by Paul Morrison

I'm a long way from completing this book, and we're a long way from publication.  However... I'm having some thoughts in that area...

It strikes me that a lot of Spectrum owners might not want to read about Commodore 64 games, and a lot of Commodore 64 owners might not want to read about Spectrum games.  There's still that divide, and even though I'd love to unite the world, I might be cutting myself off from a potentially large portion of readership.

So, what I'm thinking is this:  I might publish a Spectrum-only edition and a Commodore 64-only edition, and then a Complete edition for those who don't gag at the thought of reading about the "other" machine.

The Complete edition would cost less than the combined cost of the two separate editions, and would also feature exclusive content, for example, interviews with BBC or Amstrad programmers.  That would hopefully encourage more people to go down the road I intended from the start, which would be to have one large volume.

Of course, it will depend how many pages would be in each volume as to whether I would do this or not.  But I do think it's worth considering, in order to reach the largest audience possible with as much material as possible.  What do you think?  I'm keen to hear your opinions...