Are you feeling thirty?

by Paul Morrison

Let's have a quick update.  To date, I now have thirty completed interviews returned.  That's thirty Gods confirmed to appear in the book.

Now, thirty doesn't sound like a lot.  So, let me elaborate.  Each interview is averaging 5,000 words... that's just for questions and answers.  I'm adding text to that, you won't just be reading questions and answers in the book.  Factor in at least a couple of screenshots per page, and some pages which are full-sized screenshots, and you get a good idea of where we're heading.

I also have questions out with another sixteen people, and I actually have more people in mind who I want to ask to take part.  That said, I know I won't get all those questions back... probably not even half, in fact.

Really, though, I'm almost ready to end the interview phase of the book.  If anybody approaches me wanting to be in, I will happily accept them (I can't say no to our Gods!), but I'm only going to be asking a few more if they'll take part... the rest of my time will be spent writing for the book and putting it together.

I hope you like the sound of that!