Fancy a read?

by Paul Morrison

As you know, my posts here are less frequent.  That's because I'm actually doing more of the hard work on the book.  It doesn't leave me much time for such frivolity as blog posts!

Still, I reckon you're probably sick of me being all talk.  To try and appease, or maybe to stir up a bit of interest, I thought I'd post a preview of one of the pages I've been working on.

Things to bear in mind:

1) I'm not an artist at all.  I'm hoping to come up with something that looks fairly clean and is nicely readable.

2) It's still subject to change.  The pages might not have background colours, there might be more/less/bigger screenshots, the text could be reworked.

3) It won't have that huge 'They Were Our Gods' logo on every page!  That's just a bit of a watermark, in the hope that nobody tries to nick my stuff.

I've posted a slightly more obscure entry here.  I could post a blockbuster, but I'll save them.   Besides, I figure that if people are interested in the less obvious stuff, they'll go nuts for the big and obvious.

By all means, post feedback, whether here, on Twitter or on Facebook.  Nice feedback would be best, but constructive criticism is welcomed.  It might help me shape my book into something better.  But do bear in mind the fact I have technical limitations as to what I can achieve.  At the end of the day, this isn't an art book, so the text is the most important feature.  If I'm on the right lines with that side of it, then we're looking good.

OK, without further ado, here's David Jones talking about his first game, Bonkers.

Some people have said I must be bonkers.  Maybe I am!

Some people have said I must be bonkers.  Maybe I am!