Wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and waitin'...

by Paul Morrison

I hate that song.

Anyway.  Where are we?  Well, I have a few people I'm going to contact soon to see if they'll be in the book.  Other than that, I have questions out with fourteen people at the moment.  I'm waiting on them coming back... if they do, I would be close to wrapping up the interviewing side of this thing.  Well, I say that, but only from the point that I have to draw a line somewhere or the book will be a thousand pages and that's a bit unwieldy.  I could go on a lot longer and ask a lot more people.

So, asking more people if they'll be in it has two purposes.  One, I want them in.  That's the obvious one.  Two, I need cover in case any or all of those fourteen don't come back.  I reckon I'll probably get about half of them in time, but some may be too late and some might not come back at all.  I have my "magic number" of participants that I want to hit, but the good news is we're getting there (and we would hit it if all fourteen came back at once).

As time has gone by and I've got bolder, I've realised that my initial questioning was a bit timid.  So I'm going back to some of my earlier interviewees for supplemental material.  I want to bring theirs up to the standard of later interviews.  They're great as they are, but if I can make them better, who's complaining?

You might have gathered from this post that the light is now at the end of the tunnel.  It is... but it's a very long tunnel.  Still, before too much longer I believe I will have enough interview content to form the book (even if it does turn out to be Volume 1).  That will just leave my writing and the artistic layout to get finished.  And those things are being worked on...

It sounds quite exciting when I put it like that!  There's still plenty to be done, though, and it is very reliant on getting the remaining interviews back and grabbing just a few more people (if you're out there and reading, say hi!).  But, we're on a roll now... let's keep the momentum going.