Making up the numbers?

by Paul Morrison

Things have stalled a little at TWOG Towers.  Not in terms of the actual writing... I'm still plodding on with that and progressing it at a reasonably satisfactory rate.  No, the stalling has come in terms of returned interviews.

You see, I'm currently waiting on loads of them.  Am I exaggerating?  Well, there are potentially twenty interviews out there which may or may not be returned.

Now, if I'm being honest, if all twenty came back, I'd be snookered.  I'd have to immediately start work on Volume 2.  But if none of them come back?  Hmmm.

I know that won't happen, because I'm in contact with several people who will definitely be returning interviews.  But I do feel a little light in some areas.  I definitely want at least two more musicians.  I wouldn't mind a couple of Spectrum game reviewers.  With them and the ones I'm confident I'm getting back, I could finally draw a line under the interviews and possibly... POSSIBLY... announce my complete line-up.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  The interviews I have back have plenty of content to make for an awesome book, and I intend to go back to two or three with a few supplementary questions to bolster their pages a bit.  I'm also doing some re-writing... if you've seen any of my preview pages, well, bear in mind that that's exactly what they are... previews.  I'm changing them as I write the pages around them... just little tweaks so that they run on better, but it's all extra work.

I must admit, I'm looking forward to Christmas.  I'm planning on being off work for seventeen days, which will be fantastic for pushing on with my writing.  OK, so there will be things like Christmas Day and playing with the kids and so on to go through (I jest, that's not a hardship!), but the bulk of my time will be me-time, and book time.  I think that come the New Year I should be in a very healthy position.

Now... who to go and bother next?  Let me check my files...

I'm still happily accepting any contact from anyone who worked on the 8-bits, by the way... please do get in touch if you'd like to be in this book.