I'm still alive!

by Paul Morrison

Well, hello there!

No, I haven't been playing Portal.  So what have I been doing, and where the hell have I been?  It's been a rough few weeks, to be honest.  I normally get a lift to work but they've taken a month off which means I've had to resort to public transport.  I don't mind that, but it means I'm travelling for around four hours a day.  That, on top of 8 to ten hour work days means that time, energy and enthusiasm are somewhat lacking once I get home!

Thankfully, that spell is coming to an end.  I will have my lift to work again from next Wednesday so I should have more time and energy once again.  At least, I hope I will!  Having said that, the book hasn't sat completely idle.  I've managed to blag another couple of people for this thing and I'm writing questions for them now.  I got some answers back from someone too, which are great to read, as usual.

I had an interesting discussion a while ago, which came about when I asked how many people you would want to see in this book.  The numbers varied wildly, which makes me wonder what expectations are of this thing.  It also made me question my goals slightly, or at least wonder, what kind of book will this be, exactly?  It's not the story of the industry, it's the recollections of the people who made the games.  So will it be, as suggested, an encyclopaedia of sorts?

It's hard to say.  I suppose I'll know when I decide to call time on the interviews.  Anything could still change at this point, which makes it pretty exciting, for me at least!  As long as I have tons of great content at the end for you, then I'll be happy.