Time for a short update

by Paul Morrison

Hi all,

There's not really much to report at the moment, at least, not much I can really outline in depth.  Still, it;s always worth writing a little bit of an update, so here we are.

I've been working on a few more pages.  Following kind feedback, I'm working with an 11-point font now.  I felt that 12-point was just a bit too big, and I think I'm happy with the 11-point.  The other feedback referred to things that will generally be standard in the book anyway... the example I posted a picture of was done a little differently to spice things up a bit.  I thought it might be fun to have the occasional page written directly on top of a screenshot, but they won't all be like that.

In other news, contact has been made with more Gods, all of whom have agreed to be in the book and have large Word documents full of questions in front of them and may be regretting that decision!  I have to say, some of the people who will be in this book will come as a pleasant surprise as you don't normally see them doing this sort of thing.  I might not be first out of the blocks, but I'm going to have some fantastic exclusives.

As of now, I'm off work for nine days.  I've got some things to do in those nine days, but I'll also have lots of time to work on this.  I might post a couple more prototype pages, we'll see how we go.  You'll be happy to know, though, that the word count and the list of contributors is growing all the time...