Nope... still not doing it.

by Paul Morrison

I've been cracking on quietly with the book in my spare time.  The best thing I can do, at this point, is to get my head down when I have the opportunities and do as much work as I can.  And it's going well... last week, for instance, I got four emails in one day from people who I wanted to interview... all of them accepting.  One, in particular, is a person who was responsible for an absolutely iconic game and who I'm thrilled to have on board.  You should be excited.

The issue of Kickstarter is raising its head again, though.  I've seen a number of books being successful on Kickstarter lately, and once they are up and running and word of mouth spreads, people are keen to be involved.  That's both good and bad for my project, I think.  I hope the same people will also want to be in my book, but I also wouldn't want to have too much duplication in my book.  Fortunately, I do have some great exclusives in the bag already.

It strikes me that, if I ran a Kickstarter, my profile would be raised hugely and I'd have more chance of getting hold of people I can't otherwise reach.  But I just don't think it's right or fair to run one now, even though I have again been asked, several times, if I will.

The problem is, if I do run a Kickstarter, the expectation of a release date rears its ugly head.  And there's no way I can commit to a release date yet.  I can't commit a set amount of time to work on the book, and that means I can't accurately predict a release date for Kickstarter backers.  That wouldn't be the right way to run a campaign.

So, I'm going to carry on working on the book the same way as I am now.  It's working fairly well in the main, and the people I do get hold of are really giving me some amazing stuff.  I'm 100 per cent certain this thing is going to be worth the time and effort for me, and the wait for you.  I have a potential release date in mind, and we'll see if I can get near it.  But in the meantime, if you'll excuse me, I have some questions to write for another participant...