Picking up the pace

by Paul Morrison

So here we find ourselves in April 2014.  It's now a year since I set up this website, and probably close to two years since I started the project.  And I hear some people asking, "WHERE IS MY BOOK?"

It's still quite a way off, in all honesty!  But that's not a surprise to me, given the scale of the project and the fact I'm pretty much doing everything on my own at the moment (although I have had a bit of much-appreciated help and input from various sources, for which I'm very grateful).  I admit, I'd like to be further along than I am, but we are where we are.

That said, the pace is definitely picking back up.  I've got all my work exams out of the way (successfully, I might add), which should give me more spare time for this.  If I can only sort out the crippling toothache, it'll be all systems go!  Hopefully my dentist will deal with that tomorrow.

I've been buying up lots of Commodore 64 and Spectrum games lately.  I'm doing this partly because I want them, and partly because I might need them for my book.  I think it'll really enhance the book to have scanned images of game covers or instructions.  Maybe not for every game... that might be a bit predictable... but now and then, where there's something unique or special about them and space allows.  I'm not 100% decided on that yet, but it looked good on the Uridium mock-up page.

I also have more and more interviews coming.  As I speak, I have six programmers "on the hook" and awaiting my questions.  This is great, but on the other hand, it's quite hard to come up with loads of interesting questions for everyone!  I'm starting to think I might need to enlist a couple of creative consultants to help with this!

It's a good problem to have, although I do sometimes feel as though I've kept people hanging for too long.  Fortunately, they are all patient and enthusiastic.  I have a lot of people currently answering questions for the book, too (at least, I hope they are and didn't forget about them!), so I'm expecting my content pile to grow rapidly over the next few months.

By the way, if you're new to this site and this project and are wondering exactly what it's all about, have a look at the "What's my aim?" page.  I truly believe that this book is going to be something we can all be proud of, and will ensure the legacy of our great Eighties programmers lives on for generations to come!  A lofty statement for sure, but these guys deserve it!