Support a God's cause

by Paul Morrison

If you're reading this, you probably played lots of computer games in the 80s. That means you probably heard a lot of computer game music. If so, you know about Ben Daglish. One of our finest and most prolific game composers, he's responsible, most famously, for music in The Last Ninja. He has a list of other classic themes to his name, such as Trap, Hades Nebula, Bobby Bearing and Firelord... and so many others. Recently, he's been involved with the From Bedrooms To Billions movie. And he was the first person I interviewed for my book! I'll be going back to him for more, too (sorry, Ben!).

Anyway, he'd love a bit of help from his fans. He's heavily involved with a festival that's close to his heart, and the festival needs money to survive. If you've ever enjoyed any of his work and have any spare cash at the moment, please click on the link and see what you might be able to do. Ben's a top bloke and very supportive of our community... it would be nice to give a bit of support in return when the opportunity arises.

Here's what Ben has to say about it:

"Here's a thing. Probably everyone on here knows me as a musician, and will know how important live music is to me. For nearly 20 years now, I've been involved in one way or another with what is (in my humble opinion) the loveliest little festival in the UK, first as a performer, then as compere, and last year I was privileged enough to be asked to be a trustee of the charity. The 100% non-profit , give everybody as cheap-a-good-time-as-possible-but-STILL-pay-musicians-a-fair-fee Stainsby Festival.

This festival is the most mixed, generation-wise, that I've ever seen. There are grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original attendees coming - as *well* as the original lot themselves. There are people who have been coming every year since they were born, since the festival began. Together with the teenagers and the toddlers, they dance and celebrate live music.

Now - after 45 continuous years, it's come to the point where we need to purchase the field that it's held on in order for it to continue. We've got the possibility of a few grants and such like, but the bottom line is, we need to raise about £50,000. And I'm asking my "Where The F** Is Stainsby?" Facebook Friends to help. It's easy. Just go to Tick a couple of boxes. Choose a big number. No - I said big. I know a fair few of you lot have enjoyed my music over the years, and if you like, here's how you can pay me back. If this gets spread widely enough, Stainsby can raise this money in a week. Pretty please?


It's not often we get an opportunity to show our gratitude to the people we admired so much in our younger days (and still do).  Donating an amount to Ben's cause would be a tangible, long-lasting payback, something that would benefit thousands for years and years to come.  If you feel you're able to chip in a bit, click on the link and do the thing.  I have, and I felt like sharing the story and the link was another way to help.  If you aren't able to donate financially, maybe you could share this link in appropriate places?  That could help too.  Let's show one of our Gods our appreciation.  Maybe this video will help.