Well, that didn't go as planned.

by Paul Morrison

Hi all,

Well, I'm sorry about that way Budget Day panned out.  Unfortunately, I had a toothache that was so bad it effectively crippled me.  I tried to carry on, but I sat punching the arm of the chair and holding my face for most of Wednesday and Thursday last week.

I have to tell you, I was very disappointed.  I really look forward to my Budget Day roundups.  It's fun to play classics and undiscovered gems, and seeing how many I can get through in a day is one of my favourite challenges.  But, this year, it was not to be.

Oh well.  I'm almost back to normal now, so I can push on with the real stuff.  My workload at work should be easing up now, because I've finished my studies.  That's a relief, and it should give me more time to focus on this book.  I've said it before but I'm aiming to be quite aggressive through this year with the aim of getting as much content as I can, and also (hopefully) getting lots of the book formatted and into shape.

It's a tall order when I'm literally doing everything on my own, but I've said from the start that I'm loving every minute of it.  I'll probably get back to making more updates here, too.  I'm also considering trying to add a forum to the site.  I know, everybody visits more than enough of them as it is.  But I think it could be useful.  Any opinions?