Progress, and issues

by Paul Morrison

Well, it's been a crazy start to the year.  I failed a critically-important exam at work... by one per cent, believe it or not.  So I had to take a resit, which I found out on Thursday that I passed.  Hurray!  I have a couple of smaller tests to take, and other projects to complete, but the most stressful part of my year-long work stuff is over.

Of course, that's taken up more or less my entire 2014 so far.  I've had to study and revise and revise and study until I had the information I needed in my head.  It's left very little time for the book.  Now I can crack on with a vengeance.  Well, when I feel better, anyway.  I'm riddled with cold right now, and I have a toothache which feels more like a horse has kicked me in the face than a mere tooth problem.  So that's not much fun, either!

I have done a little bit of playing around with book things, though.  That's revealed a bit of a problem.  I've been working with Spectrum screenshots, and the ones I've put into test pages don't look that great unless you read the PDF at at least 150%.  OK, so that's not a major problem as such, but it might be if it came to do a print run.  I might have to do a bit of investigating there... I'm not terribly technical, so I don't know if there's a way around that, or a way to grab better quality screen shots.

But that's a mere kink at worst.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to work on shaping my content.  All I need is more of it.  That's what 2014 is going to bring, as I work on landing as many interviews as possible.  I've already mentioned that I have several lined up already, and a couple partially-written that I need to complete (hate that real work has got in the way there).  With any luck, I might actually have everything I need before the year's end.  Fingers crossed!