It's almost that time of year again!

by Paul Morrison

It's almost the middle of March, which means that a day is fast approaching that many people dread... Budget Day!  But if you've been following me for any length of time, you'll know it's a day of celebration for me, as I take a day off and spend the whole day playing and writing about ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 budget games.

I've got a list of sixty to choose from.  Don't expect me to get through even half of them, because it's not possible.  I just like having a huge list to pick from.  Sometimes you have your ideas in mind for what you're going to play, and then you don't fancy something on the day.  You need to have backups, and I most certainly have.

I have no intention of letting slip exactly which games I'll be playing, but I'm looking forward to the day as much as ever.  I'm hoping to find some real gems that I've never played before.  There will be some of my old favourites, I'm sure, and possibly one or two stinkers just for variety!

So, mark the date on your They Were Our Gods C64 or Spectrum calendar (what?) and stop back on Wednesday 19th March.  Hopefully, I can take your mind off the fact that beer will have gone up by 6p a pint, cigarettes by 30p a packet and petrol by 2p a litre, with an irreverent and potentially entertaining look back at the world of the budget game.  Maybe some of these familiar screens will make an appearance... which budget games would you like me to write about on Wednesday?