Not very God-like

by Paul Morrison

Hi gang,

Updates have been few and far between lately... mostly because my entire family, myself included, have been somewhat stricken with all kinds of nasty bugs.  This is what happens when you send a four-year-old off to school to mix with loads of other 'orrible little four-year-olds... germ sharing!

Anyway, we all seem to be recovering so I'm pushing on again.  What's coming up?  Well, I've been sending out quite a lot of questions lately.  I've recently interviewed John Smyth, who was responsible for many of your favourite Mastertronic and Atlantis cover art!  It was a great interview, and if you want a (big) taster of it then you need to download Issue 5 of Reset magazine when it's released on November 15th.

I've got plenty more people lined up, but I'm in a mood where I don't want to give too much away.  There should be at least some element of surprise!  Otherwise it would be like getting up on Christmas morning and knowing what all your presents are before you open them.  Where's the fun in that?