You can teach an old dog new tricks

by Paul Morrison

Last time, I mentioned that I'd started playing around with InDesign.  I've spent a few evenings with it now and I'm having a great time designing potential page layouts.  I'm using actual content, so it's exciting to see what my book might look like when all is said and done.

So far I have created fourteen different pages, all with the same content but with subtle differences as I try and get it right.  I have two distinctly different pages, actually, each with a number of variations.  It's going to be hard to decide what looks right.  I can choose between plain but clean and easy to read, or graphically intensive for that extra shot of nostalgia but with the danger of looking more cluttered.  Oh, and also being much more expensive if it comes down to a physical print...

Just to give you an idea of what I'm working on, the content I'm working on while playing with designs is around Andrew Braybrook's Alleykat.  Andrew gave me a wealth of tremendous material in his interview, so I thought I'd start there first (and also because, with reverence to all the other programmers I'm talking to, he was my favourite back in the day!).

It's possible I will upload test pages here at some point, but I don't want to give too much away.  However, feedback is important, so I will definitely consider that.  It might help to kindle new interest in this project, too.  The more people I have interested, the better.

The people you want to see in this book are showing no lack of interest though, you'll be pleased to hear.  I have a string of interviews lined up, all I need to do is get my questions written.  I'll be working feverishly on that... after Wednesday.  I have another work-related exam then, so it's revision time for me now...