Happy New Year!

by Paul Morrison

Well, 2014 is here.  365 days of fun and frolics, and for me, typing.  I have so much to do, so many people to talk to and so much content to type up (I hope!).  This will be my most aggressive year yet... I see things taking shape and some of the interviews I managed to land last year have filled me with optimism and bravado.  I feel like I can ask more questions that in the past, and that the people I'm talking to appreciate the enthusiasm and the aim of making a quality book.

One of the best ways to plan your year is with a calendar, and as mine proved quite popular last year, I thought I'd make some for 2014.  So if you check out the EXTRAS link at the top of the page, you'll see there are 2014 calendars for both C64 and Spectrum.  I spoil you all, I really do.

I've put two versions of each page in there.  I'll explain... I picked each game for its month by virtue of when they were reviewed in CRASH or ZZAP! 64.  So for example... Starglider is the January page for the Spectrum calendar, and it was reviewed in the January issue of Crash.  Simple!  For each page, I've included a quote from the relevant magazine along with the issue number it was reviewed in and its rating.  But if you don't want any of that clutter, there are versions without that text, too.

I hope you enjoy these.  If you do, please, please share them.  Share the links to my page and spread the word.  You'll make me a happy bunny as I continue my quest to give you an amazing book about our Gods.  Thanks.  See you soon!