The Waiting Game

by Paul Morrison

So, last week was a week off work for me, and the promise of lots of work on the book.  And indeed, I did get to spend a decent amount of time on it.  I didn't hit my 15,000 word target, but that's partially because I re-organised the way I was working.  I created a load of documents and took a load of screenshots, as well as writing about 7,000 words.

I'm happy with that.  The documents I created will help me to be more organised and focused, which can only be a good thing.  The screenshots are essential, and it'll be fun when the time comes to pick the ones I'm going to use in the book (although I have a fair few set in stone already).

Things have been quiet on the Excerpts page lately.  I don't know if that's disappointing to anyone, but I don't want to give too much away at an early stage.  I could add more from some of the replies I've got.  Alternatively, I could wait for more to come in.  I'm being pretty selective anyway, at this point.  And I'm waiting on replies from six people at the moment, so I'll have loads more quotes to pick from when they come back. 

I'm also finishing up two more sets of questions right now, so there's a lot going on.  I'm finding more people all the time, so my list of potential subjects is constantly growing.  I have 164 potential victims at the moment, and I'll be adding to that as well.  Some of those people may not make it in, and some will have less space devoted to them, notably, those that I can't contact or that don't want to take part.   Quotes will take up a fair amount of space in the book, after all.

Back to work on this for me now, then.  Remember, all suggestions are welcome.  I may be asking for a little more than that at some point, so keep your eyes peeled...