It was all worth it...

by Paul Morrison

Hello everyone! 

You must have noticed by now that I haven't been around much lately.  Well, not at all, in fact.  Sorry about that, but I've had a very important job-critical exam looming over my head.  My last month has been taken up with reading, revision, travelling, tutorials and the exam itself.  Oh, and then sweating on the outcome.

But all is well.  I passed! 

I'm very pleased to have that out of the way.  I have more... up to eight months' worth just for stage one of what I'm doing.  But I now have a bit of breathing space. 

So, that means I have time to catch up with this project.  I've got quite a backlog, too.  I have questions to finish off and send to five people who have kindly agreed to take part.  I must apologise for keeping them hanging on. 

I also need to chase up some people that already have questions from me.  I don't like chasing up, it feels a bit rude, but sometimes it has to be done because busy people can forget about less important things (I say this speaking from experience). 

Finally, I need to reach out to more people to see if they'd like to contribute.  I already have several names lined up who are keen anyway, so I'm going to throw myself into this for the next couple of months and hopefully add lots more comments to the Excerpts section. 

Thanks for sticking with me.  It'll all be worth it...