Happy Belated Birthday, They Were Our Gods!

by Paul Morrison

Hey, in all this stress around my job at the moment, I completely missed the first birthday of They Were Our Gods!

I feel like I should have had something planned.  I kind of did, but forgot about it (I told you I was stressed!). So work on that will be ongoing.

It's been a pretty good year.  Any lack of progress is down to me rather than anyone else, which is actually great.  There has been so much support from people I've talked to that worked in the industry in the day.  I've got some really great interviews, with many more promised or being worked on.  I'm still scratching around for contacts, but networks are opening up all the time. 

How do you like my candles?

How do you like my candles?

This really is an exciting project!  It's kind of like my dream job, only it's not a job but something I'm doing for fun!  What could be better?  And it's only going to get better still as work progresses. 

I had no idea where I'd be after a year when I started this.  It was entirely possible it would bomb out of sight, that there would be no interest from the people I wanted to talk to... especially with a similar, more high-profile project underway.  But this has proven to be entirely viable and worthwhile and covers a lot more people and games than possibly any other project of its type.  I can't wait to see how it looks a year from now!