Like making the most fun jigsaw puzzle ever.

by Paul Morrison

There are several aspects to the creation of this book.  One of them is researching games and making a list of all the people I'd like to mention and write about.  Another is playing the games (such hardship!).  That branches out, with the need to both take screen shots and also write about the games.  Then there's the difficult task of tracking people down, and if I manage that, asking if they'd like to answer my questions, and then actually coming up with the questions.

The bit that I think I enjoy the most, though, is taking the answers I receive and moulding them into shape.  It's writing my thoughts on the games and adding comments from the horses' mouths.  It's reading about actual events and constructing a framework to hang them off.

I am a viking... I'm going out to war... what I'm working on right now.

I am a viking... I'm going out to war... what I'm working on right now.

To be honest, that's the sort of thing I've wanted to do for such a long time.  Obviously, I'm in the wrong business for that where I am right now.  And as that's what pays the bills, I won't be leaving the day job any time soon.  But as hobbies go, I honestly can't think of anything better than what I'm doing now.

As time passes, I'll probably add "demo" pages to the website.  I call them "demo" pages, because any design work I attempt will be very, very subject to change.  It may well be very interesting to see more of what I'm doing than you can get from the Excerpts section.  But I'm teasing you... that won't happen for a while yet.  In the meantime, I'm writing, writing, writing, and trying hard to get hold of as many people as I can...