XBox None?

by Paul Morrison

You know, I've been playing computer and video games since the Seventies.  I really love games.  Right the way from Space Invaders and Galaxian in the arcades to the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Bayonetta on the current generation of consoles, my love for games has never wavered.  I doubt it ever will.

I've also owned at least one system in every generation of games systems.  Often, I've owned more than one of a generation.  That way, I've been spoiled for gaming choice.  But that run might be coming to an end.

Yesterday's XBox One announcement puzzled me a little.  It seemed to puzzle a lot of people.  Not only that, post-announcement statements muddied the waters even further.  There wasn't much talk of games, which for a games system could be a bit of a problem.

"XBox - play game".  "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave".

"XBox - play game".  "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave".

Now, I'm well aware that this was a reveal of the console.  The games will be shown at E3 in a couple of weeks time, and I'm sure there will be some great and stunning-looking titles among them.  But having been swayed towards Microsoft with the XBox 360, I feel almost completely repelled by the One.

I don't play sports games very much.  I don't play Call of Duty.  I have Sky for my television viewing needs, and it suits my purposes just fine.  I don't play Fantasy Football... well, not the kind they're touting as a major feature, anyway.  And, more than anything else, I don't have the money to pay for a game for every person in my house that wants to play it.

That's the biggest issue for me, here.  It's got nothing to do with piracy, or wanting to buy pre-owned games above new games.  It's the fact that, if I buy a new game and my son, who lives in the same house but would have his own console, also wants to play that game, I'll have to pay for the right for him to play it too.  And I might have to pay a lot.

Unfortunately, in today's financial climate, I can't afford or justify that.  In that case, I'm going to sit and wait for all the details to be revealed.  It might not be as bad as it seems.  On the other hand it might be worse, as there are rumours that Sony might be going down the same road with the PS4.

Behold - the power of the PS4!  Funny, the optician told me my eyes were fine just this Tuesday.

Behold - the power of the PS4!  Funny, the optician told me my eyes were fine just this Tuesday.

I suppose that leaves the Wii U.  The problem there is that, and you may slag me off if you wish... I just don't particularly like Nintendo's games.  I know, that may make me something of a Philistine, but I just don't get along with them.  I suppose if I committed myself to them a bit more forcefully then I might grow to love them... but I don't really want to.  I haven't got that sort of time any more.

It would be a shame if I were to skip a gaming generation.  I probably won't... at the very least, my son will probably have one of the new consoles and I might have an account on there for the occasions when he's not camped in front of his telly, stinking the place out.  Oh, the joy of teenagers.

Jeff Minter is doing this on the Vita.  Maybe that's where my gaming future lies...

Jeff Minter is doing this on the Vita.  Maybe that's where my gaming future lies...

Or, there's the PC or handhelds for true gaming innovation.  I'm certainly considering getting a PS Vita at some point... it's had a slow start, but great things seem to be happening or in the works on that front.  But the big boys might have to take a back seat this time around.

I'm finding that I don't feel as bothered as I thought I might, though.  Every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and my current-gen gaming has scaled back considerably in the last couple of years anyway.  I own hundreds, if not thousands of great games from throughout the years already, and with emulation to consider I probably have over 100,000 games at my fingertips.  I think I'm well covered.

Besides, haven't I got a book to be getting on with...?