Playing with ideas...

by Paul Morrison

I spent a short while writing a page, or part of a page, that might or might not be included in the book  It came from on idea and gave me yet another idea.

The idea is to include "Memories of..." throughout the book.  Little memories and testimonials scattered throughout, just to break things up a little.  We all have standout memories of the first time we played a certain game, or reasons why we love a certain game... things like that.

I think it might be in keeping with the theme of the book to include these... but not just my own thoughts.  As is obvious from the title, They Were OUR Gods... not just mine.  So I'm considering inviting submissions from potential readers, featuring short snippets of memories of their favourite games or gaming moments from the C64 and Spectrum era.

I'm not definitely doing that... I'm weighing it up and listening to opinions.  But it's definitely an option, and one that might add a little extra charm to the book.  What do you think?