A quick word

by Paul Morrison

So things have been quiet since I announced the launch of the site.  I'm working on new things to add... new sections, stuff for the extras.  And of course, I'm writing things for the book and attempting to make more contact with more people.  So I'm busy, even if it doesn't look like it.

One thing I'm working hard on is a Top Tens section.  Here, I'll be adding my top ten games on various systems, starting with the Spectrum and Commodore 64.  I've got them written up (although having re-read them, I'm not as happy as I thought I was... some re-writing may take place).  I just need screen shots... I've got half of them but lost loads when a program crashed at the weekend!

The idea behind adding Top Tens is to give you a bit more insight on me... my gaming history, and just an idea of my personal preferences.  It might help you to identify a bit more with me.  And I imagine that some of my write-ups for the book will take a similar form (albeit with added quotes wherever possible).  I'll have them up soon, so keep popping back!