Like a swan

by Paul Morrison

There haven't been many game-related posts lately, I'm sure you've noticed.  The dreaded curse of real-life has hit hard at the moment, with work being particularly intensive at the moment.  It never helps when you're out of the house for thirteen hours a day and getting home knackered, does it?

That said, as the title implies, I'm paddling furiously beneath the surface at the moment.  I'm taking screen shots like crazy (I might have a competition one day where I ask you to guess how many I've taken so far)... and I'm also composing questions for people I've been in contact with.  I should probably do them one at a time, but I like to contact people when I know how to contact them, and as a result of that I'm compiling three sets of questions for three different people at the moment.

It's good to have this kind of work ongoing, and it's also good to know there are a lot of people interested in this project.  Now that the From Bedrooms to Billions juggernaut is in its final stages, I'd like the spotlight to move in my direction... if only, selfishly, so that I might attract lots more people to participate in a short space of time!

That could be a bit greedy though, and also a bit dangerous.  I wouldn't want someone to agree to answer my questions and then have them twiddling their thumbs and waiting for me to actually ask them something!  I'm fairly happy with progress so far, and there's no real rush to get this finished for any deadline, so I'll take them as I come and make sure I do the best job I can.