Buy Jeff Minter a curry

by Paul Morrison

I remember when I first started this project, I posted something on Twitter about people I wanted to talk to.  One of those was Jeff Minter, who jokingly said "I'll do anything for a curry!"

I'm not near enough to buy him one in person, but I thought that, while I'm finishing a couple of things off and between ideas, I could buy him a curry (sort of).  I was digging through some stuff and found something that gave me a great idea for a competition!

Now, Jeff Minter and Llamasoft are responsible for many games over the years, but lately they've pushed out some of the best games you can find on Apple devices.  As is often the case, they seem to have remained cult classics rather than becoming all-destroying Angry Birds-esque behemoths.  That's a real shame, because at least a few of them are absolutely brilliant, and they're all fun to a large degree at the very least.  The main thing is, they all play well, and that's something that can't be said of a lot of iOS games.

This is where the "buying Jeff Minter a curry" thing comes in.  I already own all nine of his iOS games.  Some of you may not.  What I'm going to do is hold a competition where I will gift, to the winner, all nine Llamasoft iOS games.  That's a mammoth £12.51 in value!  And if you haven't got an iPhone or iPod Touch you can still be a winner, as I will offer an "alternate" or second prize of Mac versions of all those games that actually have a Mac version (OK, there's only three of the nine available on OSX but that's better than nowt and another six quid).

I reckon that'll be enough to buy Jeff Minter a decent curry and a couple of pints, and might buy me a few answers to questions if I'm lucky.  If not, well, at least we've fed the Yak and his games have had more well-deserved exposure.  It's a win-win really.

So what do you have to do to win this tremendous prize?  Here's the scoop.

Mmmm, crisps!  Oh, wait...

Mmmm, crisps!  Oh, wait...

I was cleaning the other day when I found this box of old "backup" (cough) Amiga disks, which I was given some time ago by a mate  There's loads of them, as you can see from the pictures.  But exactly how many disks are there?  What a great question!  Have a guess and leave your answer in the comments, and the closest wins their choice of either all nine Llamasoft games on iOS, or Five A Day, Gridrunner and Super Ox Wars on Mac.  The second closest can have whichever of those two prizes the winner doesn't take.  If you're up for that, simply add a comment to the bottom of this post to stand a chance.  And keep checking back because if you win, you'll need to get in touch!

Oh, and if you don't win, buy them anyway.  They're excellent!

This is more fun than guessing the number of sweets in a jar...

This is more fun than guessing the number of sweets in a jar...