What's happening in 2014?

by Paul Morrison

Hi folks.

Things have once again been quiet here lately.  I had two weeks away from home for work training, which never helps.  That was timed horribly, I have to say!  And then, with Christmas looming, I decided I probably shouldn't go harassing anyone for interviews.  Who wants to be looking at reams of questions at this time of year?

So, what for 2014 for They Were Our Gods?  Lots, I hope.  I have lots of contact details for people, and I have already made contact with a number of those people and have a fair few interviews already in progress.  I think 2014 will see my book's content expanded significantly.

2013 was a pretty good year for that.  I got some great interviews under my belt, some of which were given by people that don't often give interviews for this sort of thing.  That's brilliant for my book, and it tells me I'm heading in exactly the right direction.  I have some fantastic material!

In a perfect world, I would like to get this book completed in 2014.  As one of the people I spoke to said, you have to draw a line under a project like this at some point.  Those were very wise words and definitely made me step back and re-evaluate what I had and, maybe more importantly, what I need. 

One major decision is looming.  I'm still torn as to whether to write separate Spectrum and Commodore 64 volumes.  I'd rather not, but if it makes more sense in terms of logistics and volume of content, it's a possibility.  Because the people I talk to are so enthusiastic, I'm getting a lot more material than I'd originally expected.  This is making me consider going back to others that I've already talked to, to flesh their parts out.  I feel I can be a little bolder now, and this will make the book better still.  But it also means it could be too big for one volume.  We shall see...

Stick with me through the year for more exclusive quotes and maybe more.  As the interviews keep rolling in, the updates will keep appearing.  It will only get more exciting over time, I promise you!