Let's write something

by Paul Morrison

Here I am again! 

Work has been on top of me again.  Such is life... I have to do a number of exams to keep my new job, and when one of those exams comes around I have to more or less completely disappear to concentrate on that.   The latest is done with, and I get my results soon.

That means I have time to write a little bit more on here, by means of an update.  Guess what?  It's much the same as usual.  I'm playing so many games, which is awesome.  I'm writing so many questions, which is also awesome but also a bit difficult at times. 

I am also roping in more people.  I've extended the scope of my book a little.  Well, not really... I always had certain people planned, but now I'm trying to make that concrete.  I'm reaching out to games reviewers and asking them questions.  Why not?  I don't know about you, but when I was a teenager, they were my Gods too. 

So there you go.  Just a brief update, and now it's back to writing questions.  Soooo many questions... 

Oh, and I might write a review of the Sensible Software book soon, too.  Good old Kickstarter...