Zzzzzzz.... wait, what?

by PaulEMoz

Hi gang!

Things continue here at TWOG Towers, if not at as fast a pace as before.  I've got a new job which involves a year and a half of learning and exams... which is great, but it will certainly eat into my time or capacity for rational thought!

I'm adding little bits all the time, though, which isn't very interesting for anyone wanting to read a blog, but there you go.  I do have a few sections which I consider to be "completed", although I will naturally go back over them and edit them, and of course there's the presentational aspect to consider.  But the text and screenshots are there, so I can move on to other subjects.  No, I'm not going to tell you which pieces are finished!

The anatomy of a ringtone.
I'm writing a piece about Sensible Software's underappreciated classic Parallax at the moment... look out for that very soon.  I'm also working on a batch of Commodore 64 ringtones, which is also very time-consuming!  Great fun, though, and I think you're going to love them (if you were a C64 fan).

Anyway, there we have a brief update to let you know how I'm doing.  The project is alive and well, so keep checking in!  And do remember to follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you use those media... I post lots of little snippets there that aren't worthy of full blog posts.  If you only read the blog, would you prefer that I add stuff like that here?  I would consider it to be too "noisy", but this is about what you want...