(C) 64 ways to make your iPhone better!

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I think, although I'm not sure, that I can create links to the Commodore 64 ringtone files I made in Dropbox so that you can download them.  Won't that be great if it works?  So I'm going to try and do just that.  If it works, you can pick and choose from any you like the sound of, rather than waiting for me to e-mail you the whole batch.  Everybody wins!

Here's the "track listing":

Commodore 64 ringtones - iPhone versions

The Complete Commodore 64 Ringtone Collection

Action Biker

Beyond Forbidden Forest 1
Beyond Forbidden Forest 2
Beyond Forbidden Forest 3
Beyond Forbidden Forest 4
Beyond Forbidden Forest 5
Beyond Forbidden Forest 6
Beyond Forbidden Forest 7
Beyond Forbidden Forest 8
Beyond Forbidden Forest 9
Bionic Commando
Crazy Comets
Dragon's Lair Part II
Finders Keepers
Ghosts 'n Goblins
Green Beret
Hades Nebula 1
Hades Nebula 2
Hunter's Moon
International Karate
Last Ninja 1A
Last Ninja 1B
Lazy Jones 21
Monty on the Run 1
Monty on the Run 2
Monty on the Run 3
Mutants 1
Mutants 2
Nemesis the Warlock
Ocean Loader 1
Ocean Loader Early
Paradroid 1
Paradroid 2
Parallax 1
Parallax 2
Penetrator 1
Penetrator 2
Rock 'n Wrestle
Sanxion 1
Sanxion 2
Spellbound 1
Spellbound 2
Thing on a Spring
Uridium FX
Way of the Exploding Fist 1
Way of the Exploding Fist 2
Wizardry 1
Wizardry 2

Now, iPhones are a bit fiddly, and have their own special format for ringtones.  They can't use MP3s for such purposes.  Luckily for you, I'm awesome, and I have converted these to work on your iPhone.  Just add them to your iTunes and drag them to your phone, and they will automatically populate the Ringtones section.  Simple!

These are not complete tunes; rather, they're snippets that I reckon make for good ringtones.  I've edited them so that they loop around pretty neatly, and I think there are some really good ringtones here.  Oh, and they're not all tunes...

If you like these, please comment and let me know.  And by all means share this post wherever you think there would be an interest.  They took ages to make so they might as well be spread far and wide!  Don't go pinching them for another website though (at least not without asking)... that wouldn't be nice!