Happy New Year!

by PaulEMoz

Welcome to They Were Our Gods 2013!  I've seen in the new year with a nasty strain of flu... luckily it hasn't hit me as hard as other family members, but it's pretty evil nonetheless.

Still, it hasn't stopped me from being productive.  Those that know me might be aware that I have some good ideas now and again, and like to put my limited Photoshop-esque skills to use to attempt to realise those ideas.

This year, I thought it might be nice to produce a couple of calendars for my readers.  I've done it partly because it's fun and I like to, and partly as a thank you for sticking with me.  Oh, and partly as a promotional tool too, I guess.  If they're a hit and get shared enough, then my little big project might gain a bit more notoriety.

Anyway, as you might expect from a project like this, I've made two calendars, one with a ZX Spectrum theme and one with a Commodore 64 theme.  I've made two versions, one which would be great for printing (if you could afford the fifty quid in printer ink), and one which is great as smartphone wallpaper.  And they look like this:

If you like the look of these and quite fancy one (or both!), then it's easy to get one.  If you feel like waiting, I've teamed up with splendid retro website 80s Nostalgia, and they will be hosted there for download very soon.  But if you want them now, now, NOW!... then simply e-mail me at the address in the sidebar and I'll e-mail you whichever calendar you want as soon as I can!

How does that sound?  Good?  Great!  Stick with me in 2013 as They Were Our Gods marches on... I'll be in touch with a lot of our programming heroes this coming year, and will hopefully have a heck of a lot to report!

All the best,