Day 138 - keeping house

by PaulEMoz

Sorry folks, this is a very dull update.  But I suppose it's necessary.  It's all very well writing blog posts about games I've been playing, but I do have to work on the book as well... that is my primary focus, after all.  And in doing that, I have to do some less glamourous stuff, too.

Today, I've been doing some housekeeping.  I've had workmen at home and an almost-terrified two-year-old practically welded to my lap, so it's been difficult to do anything of note.  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to tidy things up... and that's led to a lot of additions, with more to come!

Oooh, what a tease!  I bet you can hardly make out any of those names...
I've been looking at my folders on my computer, and adding separate sub-folders to each person's folder for all their different games... or at least, for those where I hadn't finished doing that.  But, as you might expect, it helped me realise that a good few names were still missing.  So I've bolstered my line-up of potential subjects quite considerably this afternoon, and expect to do so further.

At this point, though, I've got in excess of a hundred people that I'd like to talk to and include in the book, and I'll be adding more.  Each of those people has their own set of sub-folders, and if each sub-folder took one page of book, I'd have over a thousand pages at the end of this.  The scale of this thing could be unprecedented, but it'll definitely be scaled back a bit before completion.  Still, I hope you like my ambition!