Day 137 - re-energised.

by PaulEMoz

For weeks now I've been labouring under a cloud... the cloud of real work.  It wasn't that I've had too much on at work, although it has been very busy.  It was the fact that a couple of promotion opportunities came up.  It meant, first of all, that I had to put a lot of time and effort into the applications.  Then I had to prepare for an interview.  Finally, I had to sit and wait... and nobody likes waiting.  It eats away at your enthusiasm for everything else.

Finally, though, the waiting has come to an end.  I've actually been successful, too!  I feel uplifted to a degree, and relieved in turn.  And it means I can get on with everything else with a clear mind and new focus.  That's good news for this book (and the blog).

I can't promise that this will return to being a daily production... there's only so much I can do without repeating myself, and I do want this book to have a decent amount of original, fresh, exclusive words.  But the pace will pick up once again.

Next time will be harder...
In that regard, I'm going to be making substantially greater efforts when it comes to contacting people that I want in this book.  I expect that I'll be abusing Facebook privileges in this regard... many of our Gods have a Facebook presence, so I'll get past my British reserve and just message them outright.  They'll either say "Yes", or they'll say "No".  Or they'll ignore me because they get tons of requests like this.  One of those.

Hopefully, they'll go with "Yes".  Whichever way it goes, I'll be pressing on and putting a good amount of content together for the book itself.  I've been writing pieces on a number of games and people, so that they're ready to insert comments into.  You'll all be thrilled to know that I still have no idea how this will end up, and that I might need either a dedicated editor or half a rainforest for the number of pages it could run to.  I'll make that kind of decision when the time comes.  For now, I'll be running down my A-Z list and cracking on...