Day 103 - and suddenly, it hit me...

by PaulEMoz

You know, there are a lot of retro gaming books and projects on the go at the moment.  A LOT.  I know... I've looked into it.  I'm even backing some of them.  What?  Backing my competition?  Crazy!

Well, perhaps, but I genuinely want to see those things.  It's in all our interests that they're out there... they'll be great reading (or viewing).

Whilst looking at them, though, I've come to a realisation.  Mine is going to be bigger, broader in scope and more ambitious than any of them.  Hopefully, that means it will be the best of the lot!

The other projects, especially the books, seem to be focusing on more specific areas or subjects.  I want to cover or include as much as possible.  I want to talk to as many people as possible, and write about as many games as possible.  I think that's what you want to read about, too.  And while the other projects will be great, they're definitely aimed more at certain people.  I want you all!

This realisation only helps to strengthen my enthusiasm for the project.  I'm confident that I'll produce something different to the rest.  A book that will be great to dip in and out of in a few spare minutes, or to settle down with, cuppa and biscuits at the ready.  A book we can all be proud of, whether we were involved in the industry at the time or merely played the games in awe.  A book for the ages!  Yes!  You still with me?  Let's do it!