Day 100 - the baby hits a milestone

by PaulEMoz

Wow.  Can you believe it?  It's been a hundred days since I officially announced this venture.  It doesn't feel as though it was that long ago!

I suppose that, after a hundred days, you might be wondering where I'm at with it.  How come I haven't finished this thing yet?  A hundred days is aaaaages!

It does sound like ages, but it's gone by in the blink of an eye.  What you should be encouraged by is the fact I'm still going.  I think that, when people announce an ambitious project like this, it usually goes one of two ways; it fizzles out by now as the potential author realises they've bitten off more than they can chew and they don't really have the enthusiasm after all, or it marches solidly on towards completion.

We're definitely looking at the second of those two options here.  My enthusiasm is at least as great as it was when I started.

However; I've come to the realisation that it really is a massive task.  It won't be as easy as anyone might think, and I simply won't get all the content I want.  That doesn't mean it won't be a great read by the time it's finished.  It just means that there are people I'd love to talk to who won't be interested.

It's funny, when you start something like this from my point of view (which is, that of an admiring fan), you can't see any way that someone wouldn't want to talk about this stuff.  When you step back a bit, though, you realise that we're talking about things that happened between twenty and thirty years ago.  Can you remember everything you did then?  I can't.  So just as you or I might vividly recall the difficulties in reaching that awkward star on the third level of Kokotoni Wilf or the fiendishness of the fifth torture screen in Creatures 2, memories might be a little hazier for the actual programmers.  And so, with that, I've learned to temper my expectations a little.  

Now, you might be wondering where things stand after a hundred days.  What, exactly, have I been up to?  Here's a breakdown:

I've made 90 blog posts, which have had nearly 7,500 views.  I can understand concerns that I might be concentrating too much on the blog, but I think it's important to keep posting, otherwise interest might die out completely.

I have e-mailed fourteen of our Gods.  Of those, four have already sent great replies.  I've been working on those, writing my own stuff and working in their comments where appropriate.

Of the others, I've had one flat-out refusal, three have not yet replied (and probably won't, it's been a while), and six have promised replies.  Again, some of them were from a good while ago, so although I won't be hassling anyone, it might be a good idea if I get in touch with them again.

I also have a few other Gods who are interested in taking part.  I will be in touch with them soon.  Besides them, I've found a lot of people on Facebook that I'd be very interested in speaking to... I'm just trying to decide on the best way to approach them with the subject.

And there you have it... that's where we stand at the moment.  I'd probably like to be further on, but hey, I work in an office, not the games industry, and I've started from scratch, with no contacts at all.  I should be really pleased with what I've done, and with my prospects.  And in the meantime, I hope I'm creating an entertaining blog to keep people going while we wait.