Day 87 - what do YOU want?

by PaulEMoz

I realise it's a bit dull to write posts that aren't actually about anything, but I figure these things are important.  It's your book as well as mine... you are the people I'm writing it for.

With that in mind, the question is... what do you want?

Currently, I'm writing pen-pics about the people in the book, and then about each of their games, with quotes from the Gods themselves about each game (or maybe select games, if they wrote a lot).  I'm finishing up with a bit about what they're up to now.

Some of you might not find that very interesting, though.  I'm trying not to do a warts-and-all book... more of a celebration of what we had.  But I'm aware that it could stray more towards the realm of the reference book then.

It's all about finding a happy medium.  I want it to be interesting and fun to read, and not too dry. But I haven't got a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff so far, and by that, I mean any tales of scandal or gossip.  In going down that road, there's a risk of annoying almost everyone that's in there, and inviting slander cases!

Anyway... it's tricky doing a book like this by yourself, because what I want to hear might not be what you want to read about.  On the other hand, it's not a group project, so I just can't go jumping to everyone's tune.  But a bit more in the way of suggestions and constructive criticism can never hurt.  And it's never too late to go back to people with a few more questions...