Day 82 - Who were your Gods?

by PaulEMoz

I realise that I'm talking about all the things I'm going to do with this book... the people I'm going to feature, the games I'm going to write about.  And I've got a very long list of both.  But it's not exhaustive.  It couldn't be.

Having said that, this is called They Were Our Gods, not They Were My Gods.  Now, I have my vision for the book, and that's important.  I won't just start jumping to the tune of others every time I'm given a suggestion.  But I do welcome suggestions, and I've always said that.

I also think it's important to be open and to have a dialogue going here.  And I'd like to further that where possible.  The more this is talked about, the better, as far as I'm concerned.  I love receiving comments on my pieces, whether they're good or bad (and to be fair, there haven't been any bad ones yet).

Bear in mind that I do have a Twitter feed and a Facebook page; you can find them at the right hand side of this blog.  Please follow me or like my page if you don't already.  I'd welcome more discussion in those places, too.

And so, to the point of this post: who were your Gods?  Like I said, my list is extensive but not exhaustive.  If you had a particular game or programmer that you thought was great, even if they were obscure or nobody else liked them, then they could still warrant inclusion in a book of this type.  I've certainly got some obscure personal favourites down that I want to mention, so don't be shy!  Shout up, and we can get a great discussion going.