Day 72 - back to the day job

by PaulEMoz

No, don't worry, I'm not giving this up.  I do, though, have a chance to go for promotion at work, and so I'm having to spend most of my evenings working on things that say how awesome I am.

It's not something I enjoy... in my experience, most people don't particularly like singing their own praises.  But it's something I have to try and do if I want to get on... and I do want to get on.

So tonight I won't be working on the book.  Having said that, I do have news of more progress, with two very cool people agreeing to answer my questions.  Between them, they're responsible for a lot of very enjoyable games, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say.

I have quite a lot of e-mails out there that I'm waiting for answers to.  I know it would be nice to have them all, but it's not necessary at the moment.  I'm also keen to ask more people if they'll contribute, but on the other hand, if I get too many people saying "yes" at the same time, I'll be swamped and my brain will melt as I try and think up loads of unique questions.

That being the case, I'm quite happy that this is going along at a steady pace, with genuine progress being made all the time.  I'm getting the balance just right at the moment, and I hope that will continue.