Day 71 - those cats were fast as lightning

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Evening.  I've been watching the Olympics, and if there's any spectacle that's more thrilling than the men's 100 metres final, then I'd like you to tell me about it.

I've always loved athletics, right from when I was good at the triple jump as a schoolboy.  So I take a keen interest in the big games, and even in smaller meets.  It's all good stuff, watching people pushing themselves to the absolute limits of human achievement.

How does that tie in with today's title?  It doesn't, really.  It's a very tenuous link, coming from Usain Bolt's name and speed.  But I suddenly remembered the time I was loading stuff onto my Commodore 64 from a C90 cassette, when I came across something called Kung Fu Fighting.

Dig those guys, rockin' it out!
I loaded it up, expecting a bit of International Karate-style action.  Imagine my surprise, then, when the first few bars of the "classic" Carl Douglas song blared out of my TV's speakers.  I'd never heard or known of anything like this.  Although I got even more of a surprise when I loaded up something called Girls They Want To Have Fun, expecting something similar...

It made me think, though, of the demo scene back then.  It was something I remained more or less oblivious to, my only exposure being irregular pages devoted to demos in ZZAP! 64.  And yet, some of the industry's most talented programmers started with demos.  Many of them stayed in that scene.

I'll be digging a bit deeper into the demo scene in the next few months, looking at games those programmers worked on and hopefully getting in touch with a few of them.  It could make for an interesting alternative to some of the more standard viewpoints.