Day 63 - Olympic fever?

by PaulEMoz

I was all set for a bit of multi-tasking last night (Day 62).  I had the opening ceremony of the Olympics on, and I was going to watch it but play some 8-bit multi-event games at the same time and write about them.  But as the evening, and the ceremony, went on (and on, and on...), I started to feel more tired, and my head felt cloudy, and eventually the realisation hit me that I'd caught the cold which has plagued my family for the last three weeks.


I thought I'd got away with it.  I've managed to avoid their colds and illnesses for the last three years, so I suppose it was inevitable that I'd get hammered eventually.  And this one is a real doozy.  Sore throat; cough; streaming nose and eyes... yep, it's a corker.

The timing is rubbish, too.  There are promotion opportunities at work for the first time in ages, and I need to be working on my CV so that I can apply.  This weekend would have been a good time for that, but now I'm not so sure.  I feel rubbish now, so it'll only get worse as the evening rolls on.  Hopefully I'll break its back tonight and be in better fettle tomorrow.

I expect you can guess what tomorrow's topic will be related to.  Hopefully I can do it justice, but for now I'm off for a cuppa... it's the most medicinal thing I've got in the house!